ECO box



Move, replace

Any surface

Any marker
or pen

Easy to remove,
no residue

100% recyclable
(PVC free)

Shipping within 48 hours
Large quantity in stock

The ECO box is following the ECO trend and environmental protection in our performance! Responsible packaging includes:
– A4 notebook in our latest design
– 10 x 19cm notebook in our latest design
– four 7 x 10cm notebooks in our latest design
– an envelope with amazing electrostatic graphics

Everything is packed in a 100% recycable box.

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The ECO box – for everyone

ECO Box is our unique set of electrostatic notepads and electrostatic stickers. We have created this set with each client in mind. Notepads are the perfect gadget for both home and office. Thanks to the use of a modern electrostatic foil, our SymbioNotes do not use glue. It is enough to stick them to any flat surface and you can slide them without leaving any glue trace! Our ECO Box is made with the use of non-PVC materials, so it is 100% recyclable.

Write what you want, put it where you want (wall, bricks, wood, glass, board…), move, remove and … cling again! Simplicity and fun and what is more important – very useful. Irreplaceable in every office, school, at every home or in any training. The range of 9 colors of pads, 4 standard sizes with an option to a make size on request.

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Weight 800 g