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SymbioNotes is a practical notebook, in which glue has been replaced with electrostatic charges. Buy it now!

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The surprising power of electrostatics.

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SymbioNotes ™ are innovative notebooks based on electrostatically charged foil.
In our store you can order them now!

Unique features of SymbioNotes

The innovation of our products is greater than you think. See for yourself,
what makes SymbioNotes ™ stand out.

Unique innovation

A creative and practical gadget in a new version, which you can order in our store.

Without glue

A characteristic feature of SymbioNotes ™ is the lack of glue, which is replaced by electrostatic charges.

Easy application

The position of the foil can be changed in any way, and the product can be applied repeatedly.

The power of electrostatics

The ``magic`` of SymbioNotes ™ products is based on the use of electrostatically charged foil.

Universal use

The products stick to many surfaces, such as walls, glass, bricks, metal and plastics.

No residue

Due to the lack of glue, the application of SymbioNotes ™ notebooks does not leave residue.

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