Electrostatic flipcharts B3



Move, replace

Any surface

Any marker
or pen

Easy to remove,
no residue

100% recyclable
(PVC free)

Shipping within 48 hours
Large quantity in stock

electrostatic flipchart in size: B3 (500 cm x 353cm) with 25 electrostatic sheets

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New generation of flipcharts!

Our flipcharts (SymbioFlipcharts) are creative, technologically advanced flipcharts, in the production of which we use electrostatic foil without PVC compounds, so they are 100% recyclable. Thanks to the magical power of electrostatics, you can attach them to any flat surface and move them freely without dirtying the surface. SymbioFlipcharts are the perfect creative gadget to use at home and in the office!

Write what you want, put it where you want (wall, bricks, wood, glass, board…), move, remove and … cling again! Simplicity and fun and what is more important – very useful. Irreplaceable in every office, school, at every home or in any training. The range of 9 colors of pads, 4 standard sizes with an option to a make size on request.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions N/A

Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Turquoise, White