NEW Cube MIX 7 colors SymbioNotes 7×10 cm



Move, replace

Any surface

Any marker
or pen

Easy to remove,
no residue

100% recyclable
(PVC free)

Shipping within 48 hours
Large quantity in stock

Our “MIX cube” is a set of 7 notepads with 100 electrostatic sheets in the following colors: yellow, pink, green, oragne, blue, red, turquoise. All in size 7×10.

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New generation of notepad!

This time we present our mix cube, seven electrostatic SymbioNotes notebooks in seven different colors. Due to the fact that they are made of electrostatic foil, they stick to any flat surface exactly like post-it notepads. They are also made of PVC-free material, so they are 100% recyclable. 

Write what you want, put it where you want (wall, bricks, wood, glass, board…), move, remove and … cling again! Simplicity and fun and what is more important – very useful. Irreplaceable in every office, school, at every home or in any training. The range of 9 colors of pads, 4 standard sizes with an option to a make size on request.

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Weight 310 g